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Congratulations to Dr. Adamov for performing his 100th Lapiplasty procedure!

Finally, Freedom Your Warts

ADAMOV PODIATRY Offers Relief from Your Persistent Warts with a New, Proven Technique

  • Empowers your body’s own immune defenses
  • Helps you defeat the root cause (HPV virus)
  • Live your life with no treatment limitations

Adamov Podiatry is excited to introduce a new way to treat warts. Exclusively in SPRING HILL, ADAMOV PODIATRY can cure your persistent wart problem with Swift’s revolutionary new treatment plan. Swift stimulates and gives you the power to defeat warts using your own body’s immune defenses.

For decades we’ve relied on destructive means of treating warts from OTC solutions to treatments like cryotherapy, liquid nitrogen, acids and even beetle juice to wipe out and destroy warts. The problem with this approach is that it addresses the symptom (warts) and not the actual cause, the difficult to control and detect HPV virus.

Swift Freedom through Innovation

ADAMOV PODIATRY offers Saorsa’s innovative and patent-pending “Swift” treatment solution that utilizes disruptive microwave technology. Saorsa, pronounced (ser-sha), is Scottish Gaelic for “Freedom.”

  • Freedom from pain, recovery time and frustration.
  • Freedom from recurrence of warts

In our years of treating warts, the ADAMOV PODIATRY practice is thrilled to find the most effective solution for ending your relationship with persistent warts. Learn how it works…

How Swift Works

A radical departure from traditional and unreliable destructive tissue treatments, Swift stimulates your own immune system to detect and destroy the underlying HPV virus. Traditional wart treatments target warts that result from one of more than 200 HPV viruses. Swift is different as it targets the HPV viral source, tags and reveals the virus to your immune system, and stimulates permanent healing.

The microwave technology delivered by ADAMOV PODIATRY’s Swift system actually reveals the hard-to-detect HPV virus to your immune system allowing your body to start fighting the HPV virus and its accompanying warts instantly after treatments.

ADAMOV PODIATRY’s medical team applies the Swift microwave wand to your affected tissue five times for 2 seconds each, delivering 8-10 watts each. Once complete, you are free to lead your life, pain free. No bandages, dressings, or limitations!

To eradicate the HPV virus and prevent wart recurrence, the Swift system takes 2-3 sessions, depending on how severe your warts are, followed by a final consultation three months after the last session to ensure that no more treatments are needed.

Much more effective than destructive techniques including cutting tissue, Swift’s microwave applications generate a genuine immune reaction.

For more than 75 years patients have relied on OTC treatments and/or destructive procedures that treat the skin condition but not the CAUSE of the skin condition.

If you’ve been promised time and time again that this or that would be a cure to your warts, you owe it to yourself to try a different way. Use Swift to start stimulating the body’s own immune system to fight and defeat HPV viruses. It’s the cure for warts that traditional treatments could never deliver because it attacks the cause, not just the effect.

Unlike traditional methods that see a 50% recurrence, Swift stops the recurrence of warts because it helps stimulate and create HPV immunity.

The benefits of ADAMOV PODIATRY’s Swift Procedure…

Proven Effective

Swift is proven to deliver results as a reliable and effective treatment option to eliminate warts.


Microwave generates heat to pass safely and has been proven a safe treatment protocol for more than three decades in clinical cancer treatments. Swift’s microwave treats and cures your warts by simply triggering your own body’s own immune response to fight HPV viruses.

Clean and Un-invasive… Complete Freedom!

With total, anesthetic-free, treatment time totaling ten seconds and no incisions or tissue- destroying invasive techniques, Swift merely delivers healing friction that cures your wart issues. Leaving no blisters or scarring, your post-treatment protocol is simply to live your life with no messy bandages or dressings.

Put Warts in Your Rearview Mirror

Start going barefoot and wearing open-toe shoes again this summer. Contact ADAMOV PODIATRY for more details and get on our schedule to be free from warts!

Hernando Choice Award 2021

Adamov Podiatry has won the Hernando Choice Award 2021 for the second year in a row.

Lapiplasty Center of Excellence has recognized Dr. Adamov for 3D Bunion Correction Surgery

Bunions can be very painful. With each step, your entire body weight rests on that bunion. Ouch! A common misconception about a bunion is that it is an overgrowth of bone that can simply be “shaved off”. In reality, bunions are complex deformities caused by an unstable joint.

With Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction, relief is here. Now, there’s a new, patented treatment for bunion correction – Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction. Dr. Adamov is offering this exciting, new treatment option which does more than simply remove “the bump”; it addresses your bunion in three dimensions to correct the root of the problem. Advanced fixation technology is used to secure the correction in place, allowing patients to walk within days of surgery.

Hernando Sun 2020 Readers Choice Award

Congratulations Dr. Adamov for winning the Hernando Sun 2020 Readers Choice Award for Best of the Best in Podiatry.

Shoe Shopping for Kids: A Parent's Guide to a Year-Round Task

What is it about children's feet that make them seem like the fastest-growing part of their bodies? With back-to-school shopping behind you for another year, you might hope you can stop spending on shoes—at least until flip-flop season arrives with spring. But kids’ feet do grow year round, right along with the rest of them. In fact, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), a child’s shoe and sock sizes may change every few months. Comfortable, sturdy shoes are among the most important articles of clothing you’ll buy for your child at any time of year. Ill-fitting shoes can cause problems that range from minor blisters and discomfort to serious injuries and impaired development.

“A pair of well-made shoes can keep children safe from foot problems such as sprains and strains, both in class and on the playground,” says Donald J. Adamov, DPM, a podiatrist and APMA member. “Unless your child complains of discomfort, you may not realize he or she needs new shoes. Parents need to be vigilant to ensure kids are wearing shoes that fit properly and provide the stability and support kids need.”

Conduct the time-honored toe test—using your thumb or forefinger to determine where the child’s big toe is inside the shoe—once a month. Inspect shoes regularly for signs of wear that could compromise their stability. When it’s time to buy children’s shoes, APMA has some guidelines for parents.

“Checking for three different aspects of a shoe’s design makes it easy for parents to distinguish which models are foot-friendly,” Dr. Adamov says.

APMA recommends parents perform a simple, three-step inspection on new shoes before buying:

  1. Look for a stiff heel. The heel counter should not collapse when pressed from both sides.
  2. Ensure the shoe bends at the toes, but nowhere else.
  3. Finally, make sure the shoe does not twist across the middle.

In addition, keep these tips in mind to help ensure kids are wearing comfortable shoes and practicing good foot health:

  • Take children with you when you buy their shoes and shop at the end of the day when feet are at their biggest. Every shoe fits differently, and allowing a child to have a say in the shoe-shopping process can help promote healthy foot care habits down the road.
  • Always buy for the larger foot. Feet are rarely the exact same size, so buy a shoe that fits the slightly larger foot.
  • Avoid shoes that require a “break-in” period to feel comfortable. Shoes should be comfortable immediately. Be sure your child tries on the shoes wearing whatever type of socks or tights he or she will use with them.
  • Never hand down footwear. Just because a shoe fits one child comfortably doesn’t mean it will fit another in the same way. Also, sharing shoes can spread athlete’s foot and nail fungus.
  • Whenever possible, purchase shoes at a shoe store staffed by well-trained shoe fitters. An experienced salesperson can help relieve worries over getting the proper fit.

If your child’s shoes show uneven wear or wear out on the heels quickly, it could indicate a problem that should be examined by a podiatrist. You can see a list of podiatrist-recommended children’s footwear by visiting and selecting “Find Products by Type” then “Footwear, Children’s.”

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